Music is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing oneself. Scientific studies show that music classes are extremely good for a child’s mental and holistic development.

At Creative World, we pay special attention to providing a strong foundation in music and encourage our students to advance to higher levels of reading and writing music.

Our students also appear for the globally recognized Trinity College examinations, which certifies their grades as they progress.

We are delighted to provide lively, ever growing courses of instrumental tuition in:


Plectrum Guitar




Hourly classes are taught on an individual basis. Each class is divided between Theory and Practical. Students can attend two or more classes per week.

Every effort is made to accommodate students at hours and on days most convenient to them.

Kindly make note of the minimum age requirement to learn the below instruments:

Instrument Minimum Age
Piano 5 yrs
Plectrum Guitar 6 yrs
Keyboard 5 yrs
Drums 7 yrs
Violin 7 yrs

Knowledge of music theory not only helps the students in understanding the music better but also facilitates them in reading and playing music pieces with ease.

Practical sessions helps the students learn the technical facility of the instrument and to play a piece musically and effectively.