“Where do we sign up for camp sessions?”

If your child has not been to camp before then I’m sure you’ll be asking yourself this question. With over a decade of experience we are confident that you will be satisfied when you join us for our next camp fest.

In our summer camps, we focus on creating innovative ways for children to learn and have fun – minus the summer heat! We focus on their learning and growing as artists, performers and individuals; helping them unlock their hidden potential.

The summer camp of 2017 was a journey of fun, adventure and progress. We had the pleasure of spending two whole months with kids from the ages of 4 to 13 and whether it was during our routine classes or our field trips (The Dolphinarium, Sharjah Aquarium, Dental camp, Ice skating, etc.) we were able to witness the growth of our kids in intellect, responsibility and maturity.

Click here to see pictures from the camp.

October is almost over!
Let’s put on our jackets and get ourselves warmed up for the upcoming Winter Camp!
We’re ready, Are you?