About the Founder

Creative World Learning Centre was founded by Manuel Mergulhao in 2005. His vision to inspire and develop aspiring musicians to achieve their highest potential takes root from his own passion for music, discovered at the young age of 17. He believes in the importance of music and its transformative powers in everyday life.

With his own production house and an academy in India, he is a well-known figure both in and out of the Indian music industry. With over 30 years of musical experience, he believes that learning and teaching music is a unique journey for every individual.

Creative World Learning Centre was hence set up with the goal to create an environment for anyone with a desire to develop their musical, artistic and dance skills. In 2005, Creative World Learning Centre opened its doors and more than a decade later, has become an environment for the best possible learning experience, which offers a unique opportunity to find out what one is fully capable of achieving.

Who we are

The best way to boost confidence is to allow one to nurture their talents and be appreciated for their God-given gifts.

Creative World Learning Centre has dedicated itself towards building a strong foundation for individuals in the fields of art, dance and music.

We provide quality training to children from the ages of five and adults. Much like a home away from home, we make sure that students are coached in a comfortable and fun environment, while adhering to discipline and ensuring that their potential is tapped to the fullest.

We have activities throughout the year which include stage performances at our Annual Showcases and special Seasonal Camps during vacations to engage the young and buzzing minds.

Our dedicated team ensures that each student is looked after, well-trained and confident.

Our Mission

To maintain a personalized approach towards creative education for students, according to their skill level, age and interest with a purpose of enhancing artistic appreciation and expression of individuals within a fun environment.

Our Vision

To connect people to the healing and transformative power of the arts and become one of the best institutes in the fields of Music, Art & Dance.

Our Values

1. Care: At the core of Creative World is a desire to care for and offer equal opportunities to students.

2. Guidance:We are a platform which helps channel students’ passions, skills and character, guiding them to be responsible individuals with all-round achievement in their chosen field.

3. Innovation:We continually seek to use new methods and creative ways to achieve our goals. 

4. Environmental Responsibility: We believe in raising awareness on the importance of being environment-friendly.