At Creative World Learning Centre, our students strive towards achieving high academic excellence, one that goes beyond attaining the highest scores or position. They go beyond, focusing on their knowledge pertaining to both quality and passion for their art form, fine tuning their skill to that of a skilled craftsman.

It is with great pride that we present tow such students: Anna Joy and Soumil Jain for their remarkable performance in becoming Trinity College London (TCL) toppers in Grade 2 for Violin and Electronic Keyboard respectively in the May 2016 exams.

These students proved their metal by rising to the top in their respective grades as declared by TCL Middle East.

As the first to take this step forward, we hope that by continuing to strive for the best, Anna and Soumil will encourge and challenge all our young achievers. With the combined efforts of our teachers, students and parents, we believe that this will be an achievement amoung many more to come.