Department/ Course

Creative World India is a place to imagine, be creative and unleash your ideas giving you freedom to do what you really love. At CW India, we integrate practice and theory while refining and encouraging innovation. Our courses emphasize conceptual thinking, technique and presentation in an environment that stimulates creativity.

1. Graphics

Develop finely tuned skills in the area of typography, print media, packaging, branding & identity and web designing through practical assignments and design software. We have a body of young teachers who are professionals in design and are imparting their new, current and fresh ideas to the students. The course is based on mentorship where the design mentor guides the student on their individual design path.

2. Film Editing

We introduce students to digital videos and production workflow along with tools to produce stunning video projects. Our course teaches effective uses of video shot techniques, video shooting tips, and about the post-production phase, which includes capturing video from a camera, viewing raw footage, and editing. At our facilities, you will explore how to apply time-honored principles of video editing using today’s digital technology. We also specialize in tutorials to create supers, titles and credits.

3. Audio/ Music Production

Do you love sound and are you interested in learning audio recording & production? If you’re looking for a course that can give you the knowledge and skill to record music, then CW India is the place for you to learn recording of live instruments and digital sound creation to arrange songs the way you want.

4. Studio

We offer a state of the art audio studio fully equipped with musical instruments and other equipments for recording. Our space has sound proof walls for a perfect recording session. We give out our studio on hire for aspiring and professional musicians. We also provide jam room facilities on a rental basis.

5. Fitness & Physical Training

We understand the importance of fitness in today’s sedentary life. We firmly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. We have many activities/classes to keep you active during the week. Physical training forms such as pilates, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, zumba and weight training are ways to keep fit in today’s hectic society. We offer specialized classes for adults, children and senior citizens. The importance of the right diet and food types is also discussed in order to have wholesome health.

6. Tuitions/ Academic Training

We provide in-house tuitions and academic training for school and college students. Our approach is systematic and produces results. Our students have achieved merit on most occasions. We understand each student’s needs and monitor their progress diligently.

7. Daycare

We provide safe, secure, high quality child care and preschool while parents pursue personal and professional activities with total peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.